Diane Gray

Sale Representative

email: [email protected]

Diane Grey is an experienced Realtor with 30+ years with AgriFarms Real Estate.  Diane loves the industry as agriculture properties as her passion for agriculture is rooted in her upbringing. Being raised on a farm, Diane helped tend to the animals and helped her mother run the farmhouse. Diane ‘s love for the animals, nature and selling real estate shine through while working alongside clients.
Mike & Diane met in  April of  1999, at a Real Estate conference titled “10 things to improve your business”. After talking the two realized that they shared similar upbringings and a passion for agricultural real estate. After sharing a drink, Mike asked Diane if she would join his business. Diane agreed and AgriFarms Real Estate was born. The AgriFarms Real Estate powerhouse have been helping their clients successfully buy and sell agricultural properties ever since. Agrifarms Real Estate has expanded their reach overseas to work with farmers from Europe who wish to immigrate to Canada. Whether you are an experienced farmer, part-time or first-time famer, or someone who is looking to convert properties, Agrifarms Real Estate can help.