I chose Mike Brown as my real estate agent when I was moving to Elora, Ont. years ago and when I sold 5 years later. I was extremely pleased how smoothly the purchase went and how quickly my house was sold.  Mike's professionalism and expertize was much appreciated. I would highly recommend using Mike Brown!

March 26, 2018

AgriFarms Real Estate

Hi, we are The Raven family,


We are Dutch immigrants, in 2003 we came to Canada with our 5 children. At the time our oldest was 12 and the youngest was 2 years old. We have a mixed farm with sheep, pigs and cash crop.


Before we made the move to Canada we looked around region with Mike Brown. He had  farms lined up for us to look at and we never felt pushed. He not only knows the area, but he also knows a lot of people in the Agricultural industry.

Mike is a calm person who you can trust and rely on. He is honest in sharing both the pros and cons of a property.


When we arrived in Canada, Mike Brown picked us up from the airport.  

A lot was going on in the first weeks. If we had questions we could always ask Mike.  

After a couple of months we bought a 2nd farm with the help from Mike. This was a farm with a nursery barn and it generated a good income.


In the 15 years we have a good relationship with Mike. Mike is interested how we are doing. Personally and business wise.

Mike had a big role in helping us start a successful business.


We are thank full for the opportunities this land has to offer. We are glad we made the move and are proud Canadians now.


We can highly recommend working with Mike Brown and his team.


The Raven Family